Renew My Heart, O Lord

Have you ever grieved over your past? 
When an old building is in ruin, the walls are crumbing down, the flooring and roof need repair, the land looks desolate and the place is reduced to much dust and destruction around it; there seems like there is not much hope.
But, when everything is completed restored and made new again, what a difference it can make. Hope is renewed and the place comes alive. The process begins from the inside, cleaning out the old and rebuilding what is broken.
We are sometimes, like that old building, in need of repair.
As a young Christian, a part of me was broken and need of repair. Trying to please others, feeling like a failure, not ever good enough, and low esteem. But, once God began a new work in my life and started changing my heart, that is when I began to realize He was sufficient…He was enough and I could rely on Him. I try to please Him and I trust Him for my security, love and acceptance. He is all I need. He is my Hope.
There are times I grieve over the past and wish I knew then, what I know now. But, I know God knew me even then, better than I know myself and He helped me through to seek Him first. He restored the old and made me new. He took this old me and made me a new me. Of course, He did that when I became a Christian, but I am a process in work. How about you? Are you growing closer to the Lord? What have you faced in the past that you now see God renewing your heart?

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Jesus is My Victory

in His Heavenly Presence,

fear will not rob me of His peace, circumstances will not overwhelm me,

situations will not steal my joy,

uncertain moments will not paralyze me, tribulation will not shake me,

trials will not imprison me,

struggles will not discourage me,

chains will not hold me, nothing will break me, He will not forget me,

He will take me and hide me in His everlasting arms…forever

For Jesus is my Victory! ~

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Master who Calm the Sea

Master who calmed the sea

Who died and gave us life eternally

How great You are

How mighty and powerful is Your love

That lives through us even today

And calms the soul to rest

That leads and guides the way.

You have faced the dangers of life

And conquered death beyond the grave,

You have healed the sick and

Given to the poor,

Given us Yourself and life forevermore.

The angels in Heaven shout Your very name,

Living glory that still remains

That wipes away sin and human pain

You live forever,

Master of the Sea,

Always there for you and me.

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Trust in the Lord

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,

And lean not on your own


In all your ways acknowledge Him,

and He shall direct your paths.

Trust is a rare thing in this world. It

involves honesty, reliability, believing,

integrity and confidence.  To trust is

to confide in, as to be secure without


God is the One we can trust in

with our hearts.

Lean not on your own understanding.

We like to know the answers don’t we.

We want to know “why”. Sometimes,

we choose to do things our way without

God’s help.

We are not as wise or holy as God, so

we will not have all the answers, but we

can trust that God does. He sees the whole

picture and we cannot see or know the

things He does.

Some of the things we go through are

to teach us, help us grow or fit into God’s

plan and His purpose.

In all your ways acknowledge Him.

Self-sufficiency and self-confidence has

been the ruin of mankind ever since the

fall. True religion consists of full

acknowledgement of God in all human


He shall direct your paths. Rightfully

divide the word as in 2 Tim. 2:15. Learn God’s Word and listen to Him.

You can trust God.  You can lean on Him.

You don’t have all the answers to everything

and you don’t have to have all the answers.  Do acknowledge Him. Let Him know you are

willing to listen, learn, fit into His plan and

purpose. Let Him lead the way and keep in

His Word. Keep in prayer.

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Lift My Heart

 Lift my heart

into the path of Righteousness

Give me a heart

that seeks You, O Lord.

Let me live a life

for Your honor and glory. 

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Hello world!

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